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Tigex the Allègre establishments were founded in 1949. This family company, set up in Saint-Etienne, was originally specialised in the distribution of pharmaceutical products such as plasters, bottles, cotton buds, etc.

The babycare market in France then began to grow rapidly due to the post-war baby-boom, and under the impetus of mass distribution.
So, in the 50s, Allègre became keen to develop a veritable range of babycare items, which in 1965 was baptised TIGEX.

Since then, the brand has continued to grow in order to keep up with market developments.

In 1996, ALLEGRE PUERICULTURE was purchased by the Group image, specialised in elastomers, bringing a new dimension to the company.
Today, Allègre Puériculture, represented by its TIGEX and image,brands, is one of the pillars of the General Public division - babycare branch - of the HUTCHINSON Group.
As a leader on the babycare market in France, Spain and Portugal, and with a strong position in many other countries, TIGEX is a multi-specialist brand offering a comprehensive range of over 350 products.
Over 90 people work together in Saint-Etienne, pooling their skills and expertise to achieve a common goal: to design high-quality products to meet our customers´ requirements.
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Soothers + Pacifier chain clip round Suavinex

6.59 € 4.95 €

Stand Keyo Bebe Confort

102.00 € 79.95 €

Feeding sets for babies "Baby pastel" (3 piece) Saro

14.25 € 9.98 €

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